Official Slug Street Scrappers Website

Welcome to the official website for the martial arts web series,"Slug Street Scrappers",
 inspired by the fighting & beat em up videos games of the early 1990's.
(Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, Final Fight, Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat)

Watch the Slug Street Scrappers series trailer:

You can learn about the characters by clicking on the "Characters" tab, or learn about the Slug Street Scrappers universe by clicking on the "Lore" tab.  You can also browse various production images, view the series credits, check out behind the scenes footage (BTS), or watch the free Youtube versions of the films by clicking on the "Episode" tabs.  Visit our "Store" tab to buy the series on DVD, HD Digital Download or Blu-Ray (← Highly Recommended).  You can also find the bulk of our media at our Official Youtube Channel.

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