Bruiser Bom-Bash (Micah Brock)

Bruiser Bom-Bash, one of the first Scrappers to be recruited by "The Revered One", has fought his way to the top and has held the Scrapper rank of "Toughest in Town" longer than any other Scrapper.  A former professional fighter, Bruiser has spent much of his martial arts career combining the sport Kickboxing styles of four countries (Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand) in order to create what he feels is the ultimate Kickboxing style.  He also has an affinity for retro fighting & beat-em-up video games.

Boss Peaches (Katelyn Brooke)

Peaches Powers was the daughter of one of the greatest professional boxers in history.  Peaches rose to fame at an early age, becoming a hugely famous pop-star.  However, after punching out a talk-show host on live TV when she intentionally mis-pronounced Peaches' first name as "Pooches", she quickly fell out of favor with the public and lost everything.  Shortly after she took up underground bare-knuckle boxing as her new source of income.  She eventually caught the attention of "The Revered One", and was recruited as a Scrapper.  Peaches isn't the strongest, fastest or most skilled Scrapper of the bunch, but what she lacks as a fighter she makes up for with sheer stubborness.  Her unrelenting will to get her way surely contributed to the earning of her former rank "Toughest in Town".

Ryuken Kazama (Shaun Charney)

Ryuken Kazama is a mid-ranked Scrapper who showed up on Slug Street rather suddenly.  He is the self-proclaimed #1 fan of female Scrapper, Punchy McBritches.  Not much is known of his history prior to joining the Scrapper ranks and he seems to be completely average in every way.  But, some feel it might be an act...  Nevertheless, he spends most of his days following Punchy around Slug Street and cheering for her on the sidelines.

Knuckles Clark (Tess Kielhamer)

Knuckles Clark, daughter of the CEO of a one of the world's most powerful corporations, has spent most of her life sheltered from the harsh realities of the real world.  From the time she was able to walk, she has undergone rigorous training in various fields:  classical music, art, etiquette & martial arts training... all at the bidding of her parents.  While she is usually not one to disobey the wishes of her elders, Knuckles finds subtle ways to rebel against her over-bearing family (her cynical sense of humor being one such example).  In her daily life she is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it, and has a tendency to become aggressive when those desires aren't fulfilled in a timely manner.

Punchy McBritches (Jessie Graff)

Punchy McBritches, an eager up and coming Scrapper, has quickly risen through the ranks. A former Olympic Gymnast, Punchy has taken beam-style Gymnastics techniques and combined them with traditional martial arts, creating her own unique style of fighting she calls "Gym-Do". Because of her extensive life-long physical training, Punchy is much stronger than the average female Scrapper. And when you combine that with her exceptional level of skill, you get a Scrapper who just may be next in line for the rank "Toughest in Town".

Billy Broker (Andy Le)

Billy Broker is known by most on Slug Street as "Broker", a man who deals exclusively in information.  And if there's one thing he knows for sure... it's that knowledge is power.  Broker is an expert in multiple forms of Kung Fu, but he seems to be more interested in his information dealings than with achieving a higher Scrapper rank.  When he isn't training martial arts or trading valuable info, he can usually be found hanging out with his older brother, Jimmy.

Jimmy Broker (Brian Le) 

Jimmy Broker, older brother to Scrapper Billy Broker, is well-know for his immense physical strength. This, combined with his aggressive and deadly style of Kung Fu, has made him a top contender among the Slug Street Scrappers. Over the years, he's fought multiple times for the title of "Toughest in Town", but always seemed to choke just before victory was to be his. Regardless, you'd be hard-pressed to find another Scrapper on Slug Street as dangerous in a fight as Jimmy Broker.

 Venom (Anna Ranoso)

Venom, one of the original Slug Street Scrappers, is often surrounded by an aura of mystery.  She's been on the scene since the beginning, but seems to have no real interest in climbing the Scrapper ranks. As a master of a rare ninja art called "Kage Jutsu", Venom often plays the role of mentor to people she deems worthy.

 Bones (Dominic Sherman)

Bones, a mid-ranking member of the Kazama family, has a very specific function within the organization: to keep other members of the family in line... by force, if neccessary. Martial Arts training is common among the Kazamas, so in order for Bones to succeed at his job, he must remain at the top of his Martial Arts game. His unorthodox Drunken Fist style keeps his opponents guessing, and has always given him an edge in battle.

 Hopz (Narayana Cabral)

Hopz, a former "Toughest in Town" title holder from earlier years of the Slug Street Scrappers, has a flamboyant and over-the-top personality with an acrobatic fighting style to match it. He was demoted by The Revered One after losing his "Toughest in Town" title to Peaches Powers, and had tried numerous times to reclaim it from her while she held it... to no avail.

 Vein (Mickey Facchinello)

Vein, a relative newcomer to Slug Street, has earned a reputation for being... well... flighty. Faster than any other female Scrapper on Slug Street, she launches her attacks with lightning speed. But, her fear of confrontation is the one thing preventing her from climbing the Scrapper ranks.

 Mr. Sexy (Jimmy Chhiu)

Mr. Sexy (aka Drake Decimus), a powerful Scrapper sometimes seen in the company of Venom, was one of the original Scrappers on Slug Street. He's tried his best to stay out of the spot-light and has chosen his battles wisely. The few who have seen his skills in action believe he's capable of winning the title of "Toughest in Town". However, rumor has it that he has never challenged a Scrapper for the title... and no one seems to know why.

 Shizuka McBritches (Mari Saito)

Shizuka McBritches, younger sister to the Elite-ranked Scrapper Punchy McBritches, has a curious way of communicating. Unable to speak due to past childhood trauma, Shizuka uses "signing" to speak. Like, actual handwritten signs... with handles and everything.   People are often baffled at how she pulls these signs from seemingly out of nowhere.   Shizuka grew up training in the circus arts, and has modified her cirque skills to be useful in combat.

 Slugger Squad

The infamous Slugger Squad: feared... loathed... loved by all.  They are the remnants of the once massive "Peaches Powers Fan Club".  After Peaches fell out of favor with the public, the majority of her fan club disbanded, save for a handful of die-hard followers.  These true, hardcore Peaches Powers fans were later to become the Slugger Squad... ready to do her biding at a moment's notice.  The leader of the Slugger Squad changes almost weekly.  Sometimes due to incompetence (relatively speaking)... but, mostly due to boredom or forgetfulness.

 The Revered One

The Revered One is the man who created the Slug Street Scrappers.  He is the mysterious benefactor who pays the monthly stipend of every Slug Street Scrapper.  He's also the man who makes the rules.  Rumor has it, that no one has ever actually seen The Revered One.  He does most of his communicating via letters that seem to instantly appear, falling from the sky.  His true motives remain unclear, but that hasn't stopped the Slug Street Scrappers from battling it out for the title of "Toughest in Town"... and the generous monthly stipend that comes with it.

 Sammy Steel (Mason Sharrow)

Sammy Steel is a former military man and a practitioner of CQC combat arts (Close Quarters Combat). He arrived on Slug Street seeking admission to the Scrapper ranks.

Buster & Red (Micah Brock & Maggie Clarke)

Buster & Red appeared on Slug Street with the intention of finding someone. The mysterious couple always fights as a pair and is rarely separated.