What is a "Scrapper"?

A Scrapper is a fighter.  But not just any fighter.  They're fighters who have been selected by a mysterious benefactor to compete for the highest Scrapper rank.  Every Scrapper is given a monthly stipend to fund their training.  The higher a Scrapper's rank, the higher their stipend.  But who exactly is this mysterious benefactor with all this cash to spare?  Apparently, no one's ever actually seen him.  He's known simply as "The Revered One". His motives remain unclear, but that hasn't swayed the Slug Street Scrappers from battling it out for the most sought after Scrapper rank:

Toughest in Town


Slug Street

Slug Street is the place where it all goes down. Slug Street isn't so much an actual street, as it is a nickname for an area where 1st generation Scrappers like to throw down. Various groups have tried to claim the area as their own, particularly the infamous "Slugger Squad", a group of low-ranked Scrappers led by a high-ranked Scrapper they call, "Boss Peaches".


Scrapper Ranks (Lowest to Highest)

Rank 1 - Initiate (Stipend $1,000)
Rank 2 - Thug (Stipend $1,500)
Rank 3 - Brawler (Stipend $2,000)
Rank 4 - Enforcer (Stipend $2,500)
Rank 5 - Elite (Stipend $3,000)
Rank 6 - Toughest in Town (Stipend $10,000)


The Revered One's Scrapper Rules

  • Rule 1    Do not kill your opponent/s.  Doing so may have dire consequences...
  • Rule 2    Firearms or bladed weapons of any kind are not permitted during battle.
  • Rule 3    All official challenges must be accepted.  A match is considered over when one Scrapper becomes incapacitated or is the first to give up willfully.
  • Rule 4    A Scrapper's rank can only be increased at the discretion of The Revered One.  If a Scrapper impresses The Revered One through battle, their rank may be increased.  If a Scrapper fails to impress him through battle their rank may be decreased, but an increase/decrease in rank is never guaranteed.  The only exception is the rank of "Toughest in Town".  Defeating a Scrapper who holds the rank of "Toughest in Town" will guarantee the title to the victor.  In the instance of a 1 vs many 'Toughest in Town" title match, the title is transferred to the Scrapper who dealt the final blow.  If no final blow is dealt, and the current title holder gives up willfully, then the rank of "Toughest in Town" transfers to the opponent of his/her choosing.
  • Rule 5    There is no limit to the amount of Scrappers that may be involved in any one challenge match.  However, defeating a single Scrapper with multiple allies at your side is never as impressive as defeating an opponent one on one.  But, a Scrapper who can defeat multiple opponents in a single challenge match is sure to capture the attention of The Revered One.